Took this photo around 1.5hrs ago after dinner at the hotel we’re spending the first night of our vacation in, Amaya Lake. Gotta admit, it’s a really nice place with great Christmas vibes.


After (temporarily) adding free unlimited trial credits on VoiceoverGPT, I’m seeing a better conversion rate on users going from a sign up → upload → voiceover generation.

Next up, I’m going to add a live non-sign up demo similar to what I stated in my update last week with an example from the landing page of Replicate. I wanted to do it this week but ended up not getting a chance to add that due to preparation for the vacation. I might end up implementing it during the vacation, we’ll find out :)

And I submitted my startup school weekly update as usually, except this time it was from Kandalama, Dambulla. I’ve submitted 2 previous weekly updates from Sigiriya during our 2 family vacations there earlier this year.


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

This one was really really good, I highly recommend reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it! Against the Dying of the Light: an e/acc primer -

the end

thank you for reading my weekly update!