been seeing an honestly surprising number of totally organic sign ups for VoiceoverGPT and I noticed a place where I can easily improve the conversion rate.

VoiceoverGPT user journey

the drop from upload to voiceover generation, my hypothesis by looking at analytics events is that not everyone has an OpenAI API key and/or feels ok using it on the app despite it being stored in local storage and all the requests to OpenAI’s API being made from the client-side (can be monitored from network tab on browser dev tools). so to fix this I’m going to do a re-launch Wednesday next week (4 weeks since my initial viral launch) with a couple of trial credits that charge my OpenAI account so that users can test it. for the users who uploaded the video but weren’t able to generate a voiceover, I’m going to generate them & email them.

the website visitor to sign up conversion rate can also be probably increased by allowing a non-sign up interactive live demo, I really love the one from Replicate’s home page

Replicate demo

submitted my 46th startup school weekly update, I used to feel anxious through the week about forgetting to submit this and losing my streak, but after starting to write these weekly update I don’t feel so often because I’m pretty sure I wrote this :)

Weekly update submission

stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

the end

thank you for reading my weekly update!