kinda hard to believe that I’ve had 3149 visitors to VoiceoverGPT since the initial launch from 15th Nov 2023, there’s certainly been a drop from the 1500 on initial launch day which was with my tweet going viral. the bump in-between was thanks to a really nice user who was searching for a tool like this and found Steven Tey’s tweet about mine, he gave such nice comments. the new VoiceoverGPT paid version will be launched on Wednesday 29th Nov 2023 on Backdrop Build launch day with support for longer & higher res videos, a history of generations & more.


it’s kinda close to the startup curve:


my 44th startup school update is in!


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

really awesome video about LLMs from the goat Andrej Karpathy, one of the best ways to spend an hour for anyone to get a solid understanding on LLMs:

YT vid

fireside from Backdrop Build with a good panel of people in AI:

YT vid

this awesome tech-positive news publications from a set of legends launched yesterday, highly recommended for anyone who wants to stop reading the bullshit clickbait publications from traditional media written by people who have 0 optimism about tech -

I’m glad the OpenAI situation was resolved, definitely had an unplanned drop in productivity…

the end

and that’s the end of another weekly update, I’m kinda surprised about having written 6 but now that I’ve done it, the likelihood of me stopping is very low. now it’s 23:57, better than last week’s 23:59:59 submission :P

thank you for reading!