I launched the MVP of a side-project called VoiceoverGPT on Wednesday at 1.36am via a tweet and I never imagined that by now it’d have over 170K views, the app has had 2398 visitors so far.


I was really amazed and felt super grateful to the overwhelmingly positive response to my launch. Lots of people replied & reached out to me via DMs to provide valuable feedback + so much of encouragement. Now I’m spending more time on this project to improve it based on feedback and keep shipping updates as mini-launches to keep the ideal group of users updated about it.


with the great amount of interest shown on VoiceoverGPT’s launch, I’m going to spend a lot more time on it & hoping to land a few paying users for it next week. my plan is to have it in pretty solid shape by the launch day of Backdrop Build.

also, I just submitted my 43rd startup school update.


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

this fireside from Backdrop Build was awesome!

YT vid

I spent a lot of time terminally online monitoring the unexpected openai drama during the last couple of days, hopefully it resolves quickly and Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will be back in action.

the end

I need to start writing these updates earlier to make them more detailed, now it’s 23:59 🙂

thank you for reading, appreciate it!