submitted my 41st weekly update to startup school.



got a demo booked for next week with an old client of mine from Fiverr to show him our tool(s) which could probably solve a problem he’s experiencing. one of our current user’s received a shocking BQ bill of almost $1000 for usage from Looker Studio and we’ve been spending a lot of time this week trying to find ways to minimise the costs, I’m planning to build a custom BQ data connector for Looker Studio to handle the queries much more efficiently and bring the costs down by a lot.

got selected for Backdrop Build which is starting from tomorrow with their kickoff session.


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

I couldn’t read much this week and don’t think I read anything noteworthy to state here.

I did watch a very interesting YT vid from Veritasium yesterday which has made me want a pair of military grade illumination intensifying night vision goggles -

YT Vid


this week was a bad week for walking because of the constant heavy rains every afternoon-evening and I could only have one walk which was also in the midst of a light rain.


the end

same format as last week except I felt like adding stuff I watched since I didn’t have something for stuff I read. excited for next week with OpenAI Dev Day around the corner and also having Backdrop Build kickoff. wrote this week’s update in a hurry starting at 11:30pm, now it’s 11:44pm, gonna publish manually at 11:45pm. thank you for reading my weekly update!