this tweet made me bite the bullet and get to what I hoped to start 9 months ago when I created my substack account, writing weekly updates about my journey -

I’ve been submitting weekly updates to y combinator’s startup school since the end of January 2023 (just submitted my 39th weekly update). the weekly updates I write here would probably be more like my personal story.



this week has been a good one, I was able to work closely with the first paying customer of our startup to fine-tune our AI data analyst to be able to work well with questions & requests related to their domain, by the end of the week it was working well and ready to be rolled out to other team members and clients of their company. it was a great experience of doing things that don’t scale. i learned a lot from the feedback received while trying to make the experience perfect for this user.

stuff i read this week

superlinear returns -

the techno-optimist manifesto -


was able to hit my 5000 steps daily goal since thursday, honestly, it feels great to have an hour-long walk every evening (except when it rains), great for fitness & creativity. today (22 oct) i hit 6500+ steps, realized starting to walk at 5.30 pm was better than 6 pm, going to try 5 pm from tomorrow.


the end

not sure how good this format is for a weekly update, but i’m going to keep trying different things and until i find something to settle with. thank you for reading (to my very small audience…)!