i’m starting to feel really happy and bullish about this new attempt at DASH-E, definitely has a lot to do with having GPT-4 this time around + having acquired more skills & learnings from previous mistakes. the goal is to have the initial version in the hands of 10-15 users this coming week and getting early feedback to iron out any obvious kinks shortly before doing a launch on twitter.

54 weeks of startup school updates now! (i’m going to stop posting this on here since it doesn’t add anything meaningful to my log)

54 Weeks of Updates

stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

finally finished reading The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, it was a really good book with a ton of great and actionable advice, thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

currently reading The Anthology of Balaji which is also amazing!

I managed to stick to a habit of reading at least ~1hr everyday.

Reading Habit

i started keeping track of the links of essays/blogs/articles I read + interesting videos I watched on a google sheet hoping to be able to paste them here, but it feels excessive seeing all those links, need to look at building a simple agent that handles this for me after the DASH-E rewrite:

Link Tracking

the end

the interesting update I expected to have this week is still in progress, but high chance that’d be there by next week. i’m trying not to rush out DASH-E looking too half baked. thank you for reading my weekly update!