i got an itch to do a rewrite of DASH-E and avoid some of my mistakes with the launch & first version of it. i’ve initiated work on it yesterday, didn’t make as much progress as i would’ve liked to but i’m hoping to get into madman shipping mode & get it launched on twitter ASAP.

here’s what v1 looked like - DASH-E v1

instead of getting straight to writing the code and iterating on the ui via code, this time around i’m experimenting with some “brainstorming” on figma and looking at some of the interfaces from apps i like to take inspiration on doing certain things right.

VoiceoverGPT crossed 100 users this week which is a tiny win but honestly really not enough & this is an issue i need to be clever with to solve, distribution. i really need to talk about it more and keep users in the loop about new feature updates, etc… which I did an okay job at best.

VoiceoverGPT User Milestone

i think the rewrite + launch of DASH-E is gonna help me try and do a lot better this time.

53 weeks of startup school updates! now it’s all green check marks

53 Weeks of Updates

stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

i usually have a hard time listening to a full podcast episode in 1 go but this one was SO GOOD I watched it in 1 go & definitely took away some actionable insights which i’m going to put to go use very soon - Podcast Episode

this is nothing short of inspiring, David Park is a true legend - David Park’s Inspiring Journey

an interesting video from veritasium - Veritasium Video

an awesome essay from Christian Keil’s substack, he’s definitely one of the most interesting people I follow on twitter - Curiosity is a Superpower

read through the transcript of this podcast episode with Pieter Levels the legend - Pieter Levels Podcast

read some more of the The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.

MAYA Principle - MAYA Principle

Most People Won’t - Most People Won’t

the end

thank you for reading my weekly update! i’m hoping to have an interesting update for next week!