last sunday I tweeted a quick demo of showing open interpreter an image of our arduino & a servo which ended up starting to go viral by the time I was waking up on monday morning.

Arduino & Servo
Link to the tweet

then I posted another demo this time showing a temp sensor, LCD & arduino which got even more impressions + a quote retweet from the creator of open interpreter, Killian.

Temp Sensor, LCD & Arduino
Link to the tweet


i couldn’t spend as much time as planned with VoiceoverGPT because it’s been too fun playing with open interpreter and trying to make it do things with software with OS control.

submitted my 51st startup school weekly update few mins ago, 1 year of submitting these weekly updates by next week!


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

read more of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant.

watched MKBHD’s initial impressions video on his new Porsche 911 Turbo S which awakened the 911 fan inside me again :)

the end

it’s been a good start of the year and i’m excited to see how things play out :)

thank you for reading my weekly update!