merry christmas everyone!!!


we’re back home after our almost week long vacation since last sunday :)

it became really fun towards the end of it with the weather improving, prompting us to go to Sigiriya Rock, ride bicycles & go on a night safari (the most fun one).

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rare sighting of a fishing cat during our night safari (known as handun diviya in Sri Lanka)!

[link to video] - couldn’t find a proper link leave it as a placeholder for now


saw some more sign ups and VoiceOver generations over dinner while still in our vacation. it’s time to get back up to speed on work now that our vacation is over :)

submitted my 48th startup school weekly update :)


stuff I read (and/or watched) this week

why high speed rail hasn’t caught on by Casey Handmer -

commit to competence in this coming year by DHH -

the end

happy holidays!! thank you for reading my weekly update!